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When you’re on the mat, it should be beautiful.

If you’ve ever stopped mid practice in a yoga class and looked up, what you witness is many bodies moving through poses, all at once.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch, like a dance, like art.

Our yoga mats were created when these two worlds collided. We realised that the spiritual practice of yoga and the creativity of art were the perfect pair. So, we decided to do something about it.

That’s when Yes, Yes Yoga was born.

Being ‘on the mat’ in yoga is the concept of being on a journey. Yoga teachers encourage this journey to be full of love and kindness.  If your yoga mat is the vehicle for a compassionate state of mind, we believe it should be beautiful too.

Our yoga mats are made from Portuguese bark, an entirely renewable source that is raw 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

There are ‘no nasties’ the cork is heat bound to the rubber, so our yoga mats have no nasty glues or chemicals getting into your precious lungs.

The cork used for our yoga mats is antimicrobial and naturally fights back against mould and yucky smells.

Cork is naturally waxy and provides excellent grip for your excellent down dogs.

Our designs on the yoga mats are our art, each drawn from scratch. So you can fish pose on top of your Japanese inspired Kois or child's pose on your beautifully detailed Wild Horse.



Hej GanIAs – Owner, designer of the yoga mats

Originally from the Philippines Hej has been living in NZ for the past 8 years with his family.  By day he’s a graphic designer and by night he’s an artist, by the weekends he’s a Ninja (he’s getting his karate belts).

When it comes to his art he’s as talented as they come, with past work including everything from commissioned posters, comic strips to playing cards. He’s a machine with endless ideas, an eye for detail and a penchant for the unusual.

He understands the passion and devotion people have to yoga and wanted to contribute his art to the yoga room floor.


Angela Nicol – Owner, writer, tester of the yoga mats

Angela is another expat - Originally from Scotland she has lived in NZ for the past 10 years. Angela is an experienced account manager, a passionate writer, a singer and a relatively new yogi (she’s been on the mat for the past 2 years).

Angela is passionate about the benefits of yoga when it comes to mental health; it’s how she fell deeply in love with the practice in the first place. She struggles with severe anxiety and a regular yoga practice has made all the difference in her day-to-day life.

Teaming up with Hej and making your yoga space just that little bit more beautiful has filled her with joy.

Plus, she gets to test the mats!