The Wonder Of Cork

Cork oak plantations cover approx. an area of 2.5 million hectares, basically in Portugal (which has more than 52% of the world production) and other countries along the Mediterranean basin.

The "Cork Tree" (oak) has a lifespan of 200-250 years. Its first harvest cork has a hard and structure and is not suitable for natural cork products production, though it is an important raw material for many industrial compounds.

So after the first harvest a new layer of cork starts growing and it takes approximately 9 years for this layer to reach the desirable and necessary thickness for producing cork products.

During its lifespan, a Cork Tree allows about 15-16 harvests repeated every 9 years, producing hundreds of kilos at each crop and does not harm the tree in anyway, being a vital process for the tree’s reinvigoration.

Here are a few benefits of using this material in products such as cork yoga blocks and our beautiful Yes Yes Yoga Mats.

Anti-Static – Yes, this material straight from a tree is anti-static and prevents electrical risks, especially in factories!

Insulating and Fire Retardant – well what do you know? Cork can also prevent the spreading of fire.

Highly resistant – This one is especially important for us at Yes Yes Yoga because we know our mats will get thrashed at all of the classes you’ll be doing!

Warm to sight and touch – Cork is soft, warm and pleasant to touch, we love it!

Environmentally friendly – We know how eco-conscious our Kiwi customers are, so instead of buying a mat made of plastic or synthetic materials, our we know will gradually and safely break down over the next decade or so. Disappearing into the earth where they once came from.

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Angela Nicol